About Us

Løvetann is an innovation company based in Oslo, Norway.

Asking new questions about the way we live and the future of the world’s communities - and wholly committed to answering these questions - Løvetann is exploring and creating new possibilities in the design, build and construction of sustainable homes and environments.

The world is facing enormous challenges in the 21st Century, economically, ecologically and technologically. By addressing one of the world’s largest and most important industries - our homes - our core mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives while at the same time taking good care of the planet.

We believe it is possible for homes to be honestly and ethically produced, and be cradle-to-cradle sustainable. Private homes are one of the largest consumers of energy, and water and one of the biggest producers of CO2 emissions there is – they ought to to be ecologically sound – even energy producing themselves – and when they are the world will be a much better place.

But as well as this, we believe people all over the world should be able to buy and live in their ideal home as easily as they can currently buy a car or a computer. Not only must those homes be stylish, comfortable, and high tech, but also they must be entirely suited to the individual – design to fit both them and the surroundings in the most appropriate way.

Løvetann is proposing to develop a new housing concept in our own master planned communities and that is uncompromisingly effectual on multiple levels:

1. Homes that are fully energy-independent
2. Homes that are fully customisable
3. Home that are extremely affordable
4. Homes that adapt to local building traditions
5. Home that adapt to local context and landscape
6. Homes that can be fully recycled
7. Homes and communities that create local jobs

We want to create a new way forward for the housing industry that alleviates some of the pressure it is currently under – economically, industrially, socially, politically and ecologically.