Green Living

We are developing a unique lifestyle concept focused in improving, holistically, man’s quality of life. In this context, the environment is an essential element of the human habitat on which quality and endurance depends, in a large extent, the quality level of human beings life. Therefore, the adequate use and conservation of the environment is a key factor in the success of Løvetann’s goal on a long-term basis.

Our efforts cover a wide range of activities that go from services to products involving processes such as planning, design, implementation, managing and operation. Due to this wide spectrum of activities and to the resulting variable interrelations with the environment, we have assumed a comprehensive approach to nature, based on the principle of environmental sustainability.

Our ideas regarding sustainable environment aim for an environmental surplus as a result of its activities affecting nature, and it is supported by a precautionary and proactive approach in which preventing and remedial actions are the mechanism to reach the goal.

Løvetann’s Position

Løvetann’s position in regards to nature is that a sustainable environment is mandatory, not optional, and in this context Løvetann has a precautionary and proactive approach towards the environment, standing for an environmental surplus after the processes involving its activities. This approach is based on the belief that the capacity of nature to regenerate the natural resources used by man or harmed by waste is not unlimited.

The adoption of a precautionary and proactive approach implies a shift in decision-making in favour of safety and prevention. This means that in the case of possible negative effects on the environment, preventive and remedial actions are taken. This approach privileges the implementation of clean production, no waste technology, best available technology (BAT) and best environmental practice (BEP), rather than simply to assess the risks of deteriorating nature through pollution or depletion.

Therefore, for Løventann is of extreme importance to develop its activities in accordance with international agreements and approaches related to sustainable environment. The Rio Declaration represents for Løvetann, a global statement that reaffirms and validates its principles and values, as an organisation and in regards of the international market.

The Agenda 21 is a general guideline to implement the principles of sustainable environment approved by the international community, and therefore it represents a qualified point of reference for Løvetann to develop its own processes and methodologies in accordance with international standards, goals and programmes.

The Agenda 21 gives a technical and practical background to the holistic approach of Løvetann to sustainable environment, defining the main issues and challenges in the management, production, consumption and impact fields involving Løvetann’s activities.

The Kyoto Protocol is a useful tool to develop proactive and precautionary actions related to the air pollution responsible of the greenhouse effect. This Protocol offers the possibility of globalising, through the support of projects guided to the reduction and absorption of CO2, the efforts to anticipate and prevent the negative effects on the environment caused by the processes involving Løventann’s activities; it also permits to coordinate, unify and direct the separate actions undertaken by the different actors participating in Løvetann’s initiatives.

On the other hand, Løvetann and its partners could benefit of grants and financial support offered to R&D and pilot projects involving clean technologies and renewable energy sources, which area mechanisms to implement the Protocol by the national governments. Finally, as a consequence of the application of the Protocol, the industries involved in this policy will benefit of an important competitive advantage on the long-term basis since sooner or later all the industries will have to respond to the climate change issue.

International Statements
For Løvetann it is essential to work within the framework of the international agreements regarding sustainable development, which will validate the proposed processes, providing parameters and tools for the development of the idea, products and services according to international standards of environmental sustainability.

In this context three international acts are relevant to Løvetann:

  1. The Rio Declaration as a statement of global principles on sustainable environment.
  2. The Agenda 21 as the global parameters for sustainable environment and within this, the Agenda 21 on Sustainable Construction.
  3. The Kyoto Protocol as a tool to a proactive approach.