We have established that the way houses and homes are produced, delivered, serviced and operated needs a complete rethink. But thinking is not enough – at Løvetann we want to do something about it.

We believe the answer is to draw all of the current and significant strands of progress happening across the world - in architecture firms, industrial design firms, in the offices of developers, entrepreneurs and suppliers, in universities and in governments, and everywhere else we can find it – together, and harness them altogether in a way that can be applied to multiple platforms and therefore address the big picture and create truly viable, holistic – but crucially also commercial - proposition.

The GRID is an unlimited network of manufacturers, financial advisers, designers, construction companies and any other consultants associated with the built environment. The GRID is united in the mission to cooperate and create an industry standard for a sustainable building system.

In Løvetann’s unique corporate structure the GRID owns 100 per cent of Løvetann GRID class shares. This class of shares will forever receive 5 per cent of the company dividends.

Membership of the GRID is by invitation only. No financial contribution is required; however members must be committed to the Løvetann mission and values. Please visit our Investor Relation section for more information.

Løvetann homes are mass-produced, yet never homogenous; they are both genuinely sustainable and ethical, yet are also able to engage people on a global scale with these, and other values. They will raise standards of living for the very rich and the very poor, and build strong, independent communities where none previously existed.

There are four crucial cornerstones to Løvetann’s approach that are enabling this vision to become a reality. All partners in the GRID stand by these cornerstones in order to further the mission.

The design and development of the Løvetann product is open-source. Involving a world-class team of industrial designers, architects, engineers and sustainable energy, water and material suppliers in the mission, Løvetann is the product of considerable expertise at every turn.

Løvetann is dedicated to harnessing and cultivating innovation. This means finding solutions that are simple and elegant, and that avoid excessive costs and use of resources.

Just as in the car industry, where the same frame or engine might be used by many brands with the end goal of creating larger volumes, lower prices, and higher quality – why not so in housing? Løvetann is proposing a new platform enabling developers, designers to build their products and services accordingly. Løvetann’s mission is to establish standards than can be utilized for many but different models.

Instead of designing products and systems based on the take-make-waste model of the last century (’cradle to grave’), using the cradle to cradle design system products and services are designed based on patterns found in nature, eliminating the concept of waste entirely and creating an abundance that is healthy and sustaining.

If every stage in the construction process is rigorously and routinely planned, tested, standardised and continuously improved, maintaining high quality, low cost, and exacting environmental and ethical standards are paramount at every step of the way, this new approach means thousands of new homes could be built every year. Not only would these homes be fully energy independent, but assembly time could be reduced to as little as 5 days.

To reiterate: Løvetann is proposing we get together, and use modern design methods to optimise production and logistics as well as material, process and construction efficiency in the housing industry. Where these methods are currently unsatisfactory, we will strive to create new solutions. The result can be a fully erected and fabulous, operational, high tech, ecologically and ethically-sound home delivered quickly, simply and cost-effectively in the Løvetann communities.

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